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Lost Browncoats

A LOST and Firefly fanfiction community

~*Lost Browncoats*~ A LOST and Firefly Fanfic Comm
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Hello there and welcome to lost_browncoats!

Well, this community is first and formost a fanfiction community, focussing on the fandoms of LOST (JJ Abrams) and Firefly (Joss Whedon).

I got the idea for this comm when I noticed that a great deal of my LOSTaway friends were Browncoats, and also the other way around! I think its awesome so many of us love both of these wonderful shows, and I wanted to make a comm so that everyone can enjoy the joys of fanfic with both fandoms in one.

This doesnt mean this is a crossover comm; this is just a place to post BOTH Firefly and LOST fics. Unless you wrote a LOST/Firefly crossover, which would be shiny too, hehe.

Anyway, read the rules, and get posting your fics!! =D

All genres, pairings, and ratings are allowed here. BUT. You MUST post a rating and the appropriate warnings in your headers. If I catch you not doing so, you will be first warned and then banned!

Basic Guidelines Rules

  • You may only post LOST or Firefly related fanfic. Relevant crossovers are acceptable as well!

  • You must use an LJ-cut for any fic over 100 words (drabble)

  • Please have a beta reader look at your story before you post it. Otherwise, read it over carefully and try to weed out as many errors as you can. Spell check is your friend!

  • If you really want to post a graphic/banner that represents your story, go ahead, but it MUST be LJ-cut.

  • This is really the most important rule. DO. NOT. FLAME. Give respect. If you don't like the story, thats perfectly fine. You can give constructive criticism. If I catch ANYone hassling someone else, I'm gonna ban you. You've been warned.

  • You must have a header with your fic, which should be like this:

    Title: (your story title. Obviously.)
    Fandom: (LOST or Firefly?)
    Characters: (main characters in the fic)
    Word Count: (how many words in *just* the body of the story)
    Rating: (G through NC17)
    Warnings/Spoilers: (warn against offensive content and spoilers)
    Disclaimer: (You might wanna claim that you dont own Firefly/LOST. Some companies are picky -_-)
    Summary: (what your story is about in a sentence or three)

    Have any questions? Email me!