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The Lost Con

Title: The Lost Con
Fandom: Lost/Firefly Crossover
Characters: Saywer and Zoe  plus other members of serenity's crew
Rating: PG-13 
Notes: This came from a conversation that operagirl25 and i were having about the possiblities in our Lost/Fireflie RPG game.  

Sawyer and Zoe walked in the door, Zoe looking dour.  

"How'd it go?" Mal asked, as she walked by him.  

"Fine, sir," she muttered as she dropped coin in his hand.  

Swayer looked smug.  He nodded at the captian.  "Went better that i could have dreamed," he admitted to the captain as he walked by.  He grinned at Wash and headed toward the back of cargo bay, almost strutting.

Mal wasnt so sure of his new recruit but sent him out on the job with Zoe, figuring she'd keep him in line.  By the look on Zoe's face, she wasnt able to do so.  Maybe Mal would have to let the man go if Sawyer couldnt be controled by his first mate. 

Zoe started walking in the young man's direction at a fast pace.  "Sawyer?" she called as she approached him.  

Turning with that same smug smile on his face, he looked at the woman as her arm came back and quickly connected with his nose, busting it, dropping him where he stood.  Wash and Mal looked on wide mouthed as she shook her now opened fist, standing over the blonde man.  "Bun tyen-shung duh ee-dway-ro," she muttered at him before walking away.
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