Lady Jordana the Whimsical, Queen of Sexual Napalm (operagirl25) wrote in lost_browncoats,
Lady Jordana the Whimsical, Queen of Sexual Napalm

Hey there everyone, I am new here and been lurking for a bit. I am fairly new to the penom that is Lost, but I am no a severe and absolute junkie!

Anyway, my reason for posting is this:

Does anyone on her RP Lost? I am in three games already (yes I kow, excessive much?) but I am looking for one in which to play Kate, wherein, the is happy Jateness. Or angsty Jateness is more accurate, but Jatness nonetheless. None of the games I play in have Jate. Sad isn't it?

Anyway, if you RP and want to do a one on one rp, or know of any games seeking a Kate, I would be most grateful if you threw a heads up my way!

Thanks a bunch everyone!

Jackie (avid Jate shipper)
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